Special Religious Education

Primary Schools

The Approved Curriculum for Special Religious Education (SRE) was developed by Christian Education Publications, Anglican “Youthworks” and is called “Connect”.


SRE in primary schools in the Lismore area is oversighted by the Lismore Ministers Fellowship. A volunteer co-ordinator organises volunteer SRE Teachers and this operates as a Combined Churches arrangement.  Teams of volunteer SRE Teachers from Churches of approved providers of SRE, participate in a Combined Churches arrangement, providing age related SRE to students.


For an outline of the primary school's curriculum, please CLICK HERE

High Schools

SRE High School Teachers approved by New Heights Christian Fellowship will have access to and use the following approved curriculum developed in conjunction with the local Churches of Lismore Combined Arrangement for SRE Teaching in Public High Schools. The curriculum for Years 7 to 10 has been developed by REAL for use in the three Rivers College High Schools: Kadina Campus, Lismore Campus, and Richmond River Campus.


Parents and caregivers are very welcome to view the curriculum that is being presented to their children. To view the approved outline of curriculum scope and sequence used for years 7, 8, 9, 7 10, CLICK HERE

The High School curriculum currently in use by SRE High School Teachers in Lismore is approved by Presbyterian Youth.

For details on the Approved Curriculum used in the Combined Arrangement for SRE Teaching in Lismore High Schools please contact: 

Roslyn Deal, Presbyterian Youth SRE

(02) 9690 9379, 





Tony Meston, REAL Chairperson

0427 879 098



We acknowledge those involved in the preparation of this curriculum. This was an initiative of the Religious Education Association of Lismore Inc (REAL) committee, and was produced by a working team from within the committee including our SRE High School Teachers in Lismore (both current and former teachers).


We also acknowledge the valued support of the approved provider Church for this curriculum being: The Presbyterian Church in NSW and in particular, Presbyterian Youth.


The Department of Education guidelines for SRE Teaching in NSW School's may be viewed HERE